SOLD – 1767 French Grenadier briquet

The 1767 is the first pattern of the famous briquet sabre which equipped French grenadiers, light infantry soldiers as well as musicians and line infantry sergeants. This pattern was of course used during the French Revolution, but also by French troops serving in the American Revolution.

This specific example had a very active life, as its thorougly sharpened blade shows. The blade also shows all of it’s original markings from the factory name on the back (Manufacture Royale D’Alsace, which later became Klingenthal. It shows the poincons of the inspectors, as well as the Royal cypher of Louis XVI and the remains of the word Grenadier.

The briquet is in excellent shape for it’s age, with little pitting. The assembly is very solid with no rattle.
It comes with a scabbard which I suspect was probably restored using period fittings. It is well done, but the patina on the leather was a bit overdone.

Overall, a great piece of military history.


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